Haringa offers Material Handling Vacuum Lifting Systems (Vacuum Lift Assist Arizona- Vacuum Generators) that provide industry with the most efficient material handling solutions by design. Haringa’s approach to your handling system is guaranteed to offer precision functionality, 100% safety, and the right ergonomic fit for multiple applications of materials and weight capacities.. Our expertise extends into a variety of markets:

EOAT Lift Assist Tool

EOAT Lift Assist Tool

· Aerospace and Aviation
· Pharmaceutical & Bioscience
· Electronics
· Industrial Manufacturing
· Automotive Manufacturing
· Food & Beverage
· Packaging Solutions
· Robotic Automation
· Transportation
· Printing


Engineered Vacuum Generated Lifters are the best low-cost solution to improve safety for your operators and increase process productivity. Our team of experts will design a Vacuum Lift Assist Arizona – Vacuum Generator simple solution using standard components or design and build a customize fixture that is unique to your products and process. Haringa is partnered with multiple leading manufacturers to provide the right combination of overhead support, cranes, beams, cross-arms, vacuum generators and vacuum suction cups to provide many years of dependable and reliable service.  With Haringa…the installation of your End of Arm Tool / Vacuum Lift Assist Arizona is made easy!


System Design & Engineering Capabilities

Haringa has over 25 years of experience and design for both standard and custom Ergonomic Handling Device solutions. Industry may refer to these systems as Product Handling Devices, End of Tool Effectors, EOAT – End of Arm Tool, or simply a Lift Assist! As your local design and installation support, we offer a complete range of ergonomic handling solutions from the simplest assembly to the most complex design.
As experts in compressed air and vacuum, we can design most handling devices using vacuum generators, mechanical clamps, expansion style probes, or simple hook style o handle high capacities and sizes of loads.
Our OEM partners, engineered products and professional installation is designed with operator safety in mind. Complete systems are designed to meet the ASME B30.20 specification for Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices. Most lifting solutions come equipped with a safety interlock systems that will not allow the operator to accidentally disengage the part during transfer.

Contact Haringa today! We are excited to become an essential part of a more productive ergonomic work place, empowering your team to work more comfortably and effectively!

Haringa provides turn-key mechanical and electrical installations for your EOAT End of Arm Tool, Ergonomic Lifting System, Vacuum Generators, and Suction Cups. Our installation team is trained and experienced with multiple types of EOAT End of Arm Tools and Vacuum Lifting Systems to provide a seamless and certified installation.

Construction & Installation Management Services

Our Construction team is comprised of project managers, field superintendents, and coordinators/schedulers.  This team of professionals oversees all of our construction management projects.  As a true integrated organization, our clients will have peace of mind during each phase of the project to validate their investment.

Energy Services

Haringa Compressor Inc is committed to sustainable design & energy efficiency.  System designs incorporate smart, efficient, cost effective, and easy to maintain equipment….these are the hallmarks of of selected OEM Manufacturers.  For over 30 years, we have been implementing the most advanced design technologies of the time into every system we offer to our clients.

Haringa Inc.

· Leaders in Vacuum Generator Lift Assist Design, Management, Installation and Project Management.
· Single point of contact for all project communications from your organization to ours.
· Full service, turn-key approach including planning, design, management and construction services.
· Complete solutions for the total life-cycle of your facility.
· Capable resources to provide rapid response on multiple, fast track projects.
· Team of professionals utilize innovative techniques to optimize the design within the available budget

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