Self-Contained Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

The 3AL is an ideal alternative to rotary vane vacuum pumps and older liquid ring technology. The 3AL arrives ready to use and requires no external water or oil supply. It has a self- contained internal water circuit, is oil and maintenance free, and is insensitive to dust and water vapor. The only thing it discharges is cool, clean air. 3AL pumps are manufactured by Airtech up to sizes with capacities of 260 CFM and can achieve vacuum pressure of 28.5”Hg (35 torr). Optional air-jets can be utilized to achieve vacuum levels better than 29.5”Hg (10 torr).

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Cubic Feet/Minute
3AL2041 18 1.5
3AL2061 33 3
3AL2101 48 4
3AL2241 72 5
3AL2251 86 7.5
3AL2281 144 10
3AL2341 187 15
3AL2430 262 20

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