1″ Inch Flow Controller | Gardner Denver XMX200

XMX200 Features

• Energy savings – 7% for every 14psi reduction in system pressure
• Single point system control
• Protection for all downstream equipment
• Prolonged compressor and equipment life
• Simple installation and operation by Haringa Compressor Inc.


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Product Description


  • Flow Capacity:  0-200 CFM
  • Control Pressure Range:  0-160 PSIG
  • Compressed Air Temperature Range:  -4F to +176F
  • Control Sensitivity:  0.2% of Full Span
  • Accuracy/Repeatability:  +/-  0.5% of Full SPan
  • Dimensions:  8.11″ L x 8.57″ W x 7.28″ H
  • Connection Size:  1″ NPT (Inlet / Outlet)
  • Inlet & Outlet Liquid-filled Pressure Gauges:  0-300 PSIG
  • Shipping Weight:  10.45 Lbs
  • High Efficiency System Controller
  • * 1-YEAR Full Warranty & Protection Program



Haringa Compressor Inc provides efficient pressure and Gardner Denver XMX200 flow controller for all Horsepower ranges including low and high pressure systems ranging up to 5,000 PSIG.  Precision control allows accuracy to processes and maintains supply side energy consumption at the lowest operating levels.  We offer several OEM Brands of controllers and service repair parts for Applied System Technology, OptiFlow, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, PACE, Pneumatech ConservAir, Sullair SFL Series FlowLogic, Quincy Pneumatic Pressure Controller, Kaeser KFC Flow Controllers and many more.  Haringa Compressor will provide the performance and reliability that you have come to expect from a properly designed system.  Engineered & designed with innovative features, benefits, and performance advantages, we guarantee to provide the most accurate pressure and flow control for your system.



Simply stated, Haringa’s advanced technology and solutions are designed to optimize your compressed air usage. Every air system, no matter how good, has air leaks. When reducing an air system’s working pressure, the volume of air lost through leakage is dramatically reduced. The reduction in lost air volume directly relates to power savings on the running of your air compressor and increases your bottom line.

Pneumatic air tools, cylinders, valves and controls will benefit!   When properly designed to work at specific pressures, pneumatic tools and components will provide repeatable performance.  Pressure and Flow Controllers will ensure the correct pressure is delivered to optimize performance, increase life, reduce equipment maintenance, and prevent wasted energy.

Installing a Pressure and Flow Controller in your system will not only provide considerable power savings but also increase the life expectancy of your compressor and effectively reduce maintenance costs.  Minimizing lost air volume will reduce the amount of time your compressor has to run. The less it runs the longer its life expectancy and the less maintenance it will require.

Additional Information

Weight 10.45 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 9 × 7 in


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