Compressor uptime is critical to your manufacturing and process requirements. Haringa prioritizes your urgency and values our customer needs very seriously. We recognize that our “Service” commitment is important to your customers as well. Our goal is to maximize your productivity and eliminate any risk of down-time associated with compressed air. Our employees understand time is of the essence and schedules are ever changing, this is why Haringa Compressor is your best choice for immediate compressor service, repairs, and rentals.

In Addition to Compressed Air Energy Audits, Haringa provides engineering and design support for a broad range of product and solutions for the Food, Medical, Commercial and Industrial Manufacturing, Construction & Automotive Markets. Offering products made in the US equipment and full system of various sizes. Our channel partners offer technical support, sales and service of Assembly Tools, Impacts, Grinders, Construction Tools, ARO Diaphragm Pumps, Medical Grade Air Compressors, Breathing Air packages and certification, Nitrogen Generation Systems, Diesel Compressors, Vacuum Systems, Smart Compressor Sequence Controllers, Innovative and Industry leading Automation Controls and a full range of service and repair support.


  • Maintenance & Service Programs Customized to Meet Your Special Equipment and Company Needs
  • Customized and Pre-Configured Service Schedules
  • In-Depth Testing and Maintenance Procedures to Meet Your Compliance Standards
  • Detailed Reporting & Analytics on the “Reliability” of Your Compressed Air Equipment
  • Extended Warranties to Provide you Piece of Mind of Fixed Cost & Transfer of Repair Liability

Emergency Service and Repair Response (Air Compressor Service Arizona California Nevada):

When your system is down and productivity is on the line, you don’t have time to wait on service or repairs! Haringa Compressors’ certified, factory-trained service technicians work on your schedule to keep your facility in operation. Haringa Compressor offers preventative maintenance, emergency on-site service and in-shop overhauls.

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