Save Energy with Haringa CAAS!

  • Reduce air compressor energy consumption by up to 2/3
  • Project paybacks can be <1 year

Optimized Compressed Air Production:

  • Ultra-Fast Investment Payback in Saved Energy
  • Ultra-Reliable Compressed Air Production
  • Ultra-Simple Compressed Air Operation

Critical Features

  • Multiple air station control & scheduling
  • Multiple zone control & scheduling
  • Robust automation system reliability

Built-in air compressor features:

  • Flexible system design accommodate projects of any size
  • Adaptive synergistic air compressor participation based on conditions & demand
  • Automated responsiveness to compressed air set points
  • Individual zone programming of set points & schedules
  • Distributed computer processing & redundant design enhances system robustness
  • Built-in analytics identify opportunities for compressed air system improvement
  • Maximized compressed air system reliability
  • Optimized compressed air system energy efficiency
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