All-in-One Air Compressor Controller Sequencer and More!

Compressed Air Automation

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Configurable Software

Industrial Building Automation



Analytics & Energy Reporting

Compressor energy statistics


Air Compressor Controls Energy Savings

Scheduling & Alternating Systems


Warning & Alarm Notification

Compressor Sequencer Controller



Control, Monitor, & Generate Audit Reports on Everything in Your Building Remotely. Lightning Fast Performance with Enterprise Architecture!

  • All-in-One Air Compressor Controller Sequencer and more!
  • Compressed Air Systems (air compressors, air dryers, filtration, VSD’s, & more)
  • Industrial & Medical Vacuum Systems
  • HVAC Equipment (i.e. – building cooling systems, thermal management, fans,VAVs, etc…)
  • Lighting (indoor, outdoor, & security lighting systems)
  • Industrial Water Systems (chillers, pumps, boilers, & cooling towers)
  • Power Generators (automated demand response)
  • Start & Stop Any Equipment Remotely

Haringa Automation Systems – Cost Effective & High Performance

  • 100% configurable software ELIMINATES expensive custom computer code
  • Simplified generation of high-performing graphics
  • Open technology architecture enables anyone to learn how to use the system
  • Simple operation & maintenance eliminates the forced purchase of expensive service contracts.

Optimized Compressed Air Production

  • Ultra-Fast Investment Payback in Saved Energy
  • Ultra-Reliable Compressed Air Production
  • Ultra-Simple Compressed Air Operation
  •  All-in-One Air Compressor Controller Sequencer

Save Energy With Haringa’s CAAS!

  • Reduce air compressor energy consumption by up to 2/3
  • Reduce artificial demand / reduce maintenance costs / increase equipment life
  • ROI can be less than 1 year

Built-in Air Compressor Features

  • Flexible system design accommodate projects of any size
  • Adaptive synergistic air compressor participation based on conditions & demand
  • Automated responsiveness to compressed air set points
  • Individual zone programming of set points & schedules
  • Distributed computer processing & redundant design enhances system robustness
  • Built-in analytics identify opportunities for compressed air system improvement
  • Maximized compressed air system reliability
  • Optimized compressed air system energy efficiency

Critical Features

  • Multiple air station control & scheduling
  • Multiple zone control & scheduling
  • Robust automation system reliability

Hardware – One Solution

  • Controllers of all Sizes
  • Network Appliances
  • Plug n Play Compatibility with Most Major Compressor Brands
  • Simple Installation


  • Powerful Trending & Reporting
  • Sophisticated Scheduling Engine
  • Sophisticated Alarm Engine (Immediately emailed to any user you choose)
  • Accessible From Any Internet-Enabled Device
  • Front-end Software Sensors
  • Drag & Drop Software Architecture (no need to hire expensive developers for even the most complex system requirements)

Feature Rich Automation

  • One powerful system controls both air compressor & building automation
  • Built on Echelon’s Lonworks technology; the most open architecture in the industry
  • All Lonworks-certified equipment works with each other, regardless of the manufacturer (without the need of any expensive proprietary gateway software)

Built-in HVAC Energy Saving Protocols

  • Flexible configuration (from 1-6 stage or modulating cooling, heating, or fan)
  • Free cooling economizer damper control
  • CO2 economizer damper control (Title 24 compliant)
  • Discharge temperature resets (for both heating & cooling)
  • Discharge pressure resets
  • Discharge temperature limiting (for both heating & cooling)
  • VVT zone damper coordination (eliminates expensive & inefficient bypass dampers)
  • Electrical utility demand limiting
  • 100% accessible from any Internet-enabled computer device
  • Sophisticated scheduling engine; includes global holidays & temporary overrides
  • Alarms are emailed, so maintenance issues are identified immediately
  • Powerful trending & reporting engine
  • Easily export data into spreadsheets
  • The most open technology architecture available
  • Enterprise Architecture = Lightning Fast Performance for Massive Systems
  • One Stop Shop
  • Digital controllers sized for every application (from 2 inputs & 2 outputs to 24 inputs & 24 outputs)
  • Sensors for most applications
  • Powerful & robust network appliances
  • Works with most 3rd-party sensors

Simple and Reliable Replacement for the Following OEM Controls

  • Ingersoll Rand Intellisys Controller
  • Ingersoll Rand Xe90 and Xe145 Controllers
  • Ingersoll Rand X8I and X4I Controller
  • Ingersoll Rand IEO & ISC Controller
  • Kaser Sigma Controller
  • Kaeser Air Master Controller
  • Quincy Q-Controller
  • Quincy NetSync Controller
  • Quincy PowerSync Controller
  • Sullair Supervisor Controller
  • Atlas Copco Elektronikon Controller
  • Gardner Denver Electra Saver Controller
  • Gardner Denver GD Connect Controller
  • Kobelco KNW Series Controller
  • ConservAIR Sequence Controller
  • EnergAIR CMC Controller
  • EnergAIR MetaCentre Controller
  • Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Johnson Controls Air Compressor Controllers

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