Compressed Air Audit

Compressed Air Analysis & Reporting

A properly conducted audit of your compressed air system provides you with the only sure way to manage the often mysterious workings of your air system. Benefits of a compressed air system audit include:

  1. Reduced operating costs
  2. Improved manufacturing productivity
  3. Reduced capital spending

The problems associated with operating a modern compressed air system are fairly complex and often camouflaged to the untrained eye. At the same time, many companies have cut back the internal resources dedicated to defining and solving those problems. That’s where a professional Air Audit can help by addressing the total process of producing compressed air… not just the compressors. It’s about taking compressed air (your fourth utility) and making compressed air as dependable and efficient as your electric, water and gas services.

Your air system problems require total solutions. A professionally conducted Air Audit by Haringa Compressor Inc. will help you define system problems, whether the problems are in demand, distribution or supply, allowing you to develop cost-efficient solutions that meet your return on investment goals.

  • System Evaluation
  • Supply Side Optimization
  • Full System Audit

The old adage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” can be an expensive approach to most compressed air systems.

Did you know that just one audible air leak has an average estimated annual cost of $1,500.  How many air leaks do you have?

The energy costs associated with a compressed air system are often unknown because costs are hidden among general overhead costs.

Air Leak Survey can help to dramatically reduce your company’s energy costs.

Companies such as Sonora Mills used the information from a compressed air audit to reconfigure their system rather than purchase additional compressors which they thought they needed, they invested in reconfiguring and upgrading their system with the following results :

    • They removed 4 compressors from service.
    • They left an additional compressor on stand-by.
    • They received a $28,000 rebate check from Edison.

They are now supplying the same level of demand at an approximate –% reduced $ …… operating cost with an annual estimated savings of $……….

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