Haringa Compressor Inc, offers the Best Air Compressor Service Avialable!

Haringa’s offers the best Air Compressor Service!  As a privately owned and operated compressor service, sales and rental company we service all of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Trained and qualified Service technicians are available 24/7 for emergency support and rental deliveries.  Air Compressor Service:  Providing industry with competitive rates and professional service is our goal.

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Emergency Service and Repair Response (Best Air Compressor Service Arizona California Nevada): When your system is down and productivity is on the line, you don’t have time to wait on service or repairs! Haringa Compressors’ certified, factory-trained service technicians work on your schedule to keep your facility in operation. Haringa Compressor offers preventative maintenance, emergency on-site service and in-shop overhauls.

New Equipment: With a wide range of Industrial Compressed Air Systems to choose from, Haringa Compressor Inc. offers the best in technology and system automation. Our team of professional engineers and industry experts will make it easy for you to select the best system at the lowest cost! Haringa Compressor Inc can design and implement new system technology into your existing system without having to spend thousands in your next Compressed Air System upgrade.

Quality Matters: Your quality of Clean-Dry-Compressed-Air depends on the engineered design of the system and the quality of products selected. For any application, all Pressures, Flows and Dewpoint requirements… we want to help ensure your productivity and efficiency is at the most optimal level by offering only top-of- the-line, industry respected compressed air systems you know and trust.

Service Matters: With uptime being the most important aspect to your facility…you want your system design to make sense and work for you as far into the future as possible. At Haringa Compressor Inc., we’ll make sure you’re not only getting the right equipment for the job but the best local compressed air service for years to come.

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