Oil-Free Air Compressor Rental

Haringa Air Compressor Rentals California and Arizona is committed to helping you and your organization with your air compressor and vacuum production needs. Whatever your Emergency, Short Term or Long Term rental requirements may be, we can help you secure the equipment you need – when you need it and with a smart and cost effective financial arrangement that works best for your current situation.  For Emergency Support, you Can Trust Haringa !

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Lower your operating, production and capital equipment acquisition costs by renting from Haringa .  With 25 years of experience in providing industry with compressed air and vacuum systems and services… you can trust us with your critical short-term equipment needs.  Call Haringa Air Compressor Rentals California and Arizona for all of your emergency needs!

3 reasons how renting from Haringa Air Compressor Rentals California and Arizona can save you money and time:

Emergency Portable Compressor RentalsEmergencies and Break-Downs are Unexpected. Don’t Put Your Production or Critical Processes at Risk!

Catastrophic compressed air equipment failures do not have to become catastrophes!  Equipment Rentals from Haringa will help minimize your exposure to critical and untimely equipment failure that can result from lapses in your capacity to produce compressed air.  Rely on us if a disaster strikes, we’ll provide emergency/temporary equipment and a team of skilled technicians to provide seamless installation and repair services.

· Emergency 24/7 Response Services

· On-Call Emergency Service Technicians and Installers

· Inquire About Our Long Term Rental & Lease Options

Short Term Portable Compressor RentalsSmart Solutions for Situations Where Short-Term Equipment and Capacity is Needed

Access to increased compressed air without the long-term commitment of ownership.  There are many situations where additional compressed air is needed…whether it’s a new and/or temporary equipment installation and testing, large projects or unexpected, seasonal or intermittent increases in production activity.  Leverage our equipment inventory when you need more air without additional equipment ownership.

· Short-Term Compressed Air

· Certified Service Technicians and Installers

· Inquire About Our Long Term Rental & Lease Options

Fixed Cost Portable Compressor RentalsExperience all Inclusive, Low Cost Compressed Air Equipment and Service Programs

Capital budget limitations, constraints on financial resources or unexpected equipment needs can be solved by our fixed cost Long Term or Lease Programs.  Haringa provides all-inclusive equipment acquisition solutions including rent to own, attractive leasing programs and long term rental agreements that can help our customers control costs and reduce capital expenditures.

· Allocate Resources From Capital Cost to Operational Cost Budgets

· No Upfront Acquisition Costs Required on our Leasing Programs

· Flexible Opt-in and Rental Termination Programs

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